This just may be the best online video advert ever. Like, really ever.

This debut video from online start-up is a work of sheer genius and skill. Not only is it incredibly funny, and painfully true but it’s a perfect example of how to make an impact online. The video is finely balanced between well-deserved commercial arrogance, and gentle self-deprecating humor that chimes well with the online audience. Not taking yourself too seriously is a much admired trait in online video. has evidently got a fantastic creative team behind them, and the whip-smart scripting and tight direction have produced a fantastically appealing video. Released two days ago, it has steadily been picking up traffic and views and today has taken its rightful place within the viral video chart. Hopefully the company will continue produce adverts of this calibre, and who knows, they could be compared to the easy-going, and entertaining style of Old Spice with a good body of adverts behind them.

If you were involved with the production of – Our Blades Are F***ing Great and would like more exposure of the video, then please get in touch. I’d be happy to write a more in-depth review.