Extraction Protocol

Check out this short film, Extraction Protocol, from FXhome, a VFX software company are promoting their ground-breaking video editor and special effects software, HitFilm.

Extraction Protocol is inspired by the video game Deus Ex Human Revolution, and aims to replicate some of the visual effects and gameplay techniques seen in the game. Everything you see has been created in HitFilm which is (from what I can see) comparable to, and in some cases superior to, heavy-weight VXF programs such as After Effects but without the price tag. The software has also been used by many YouTube stars such as CorridorDigital and Freddie Wong, and judging by the results of Extraction Protocol, a perfect tool for indie-filmmakers. As well as simply showcasing the capabilities of the software, the film will be followed up by a number of tutorials from the FXhome team so those with the software can recreate the effects within. What splendid chaps.

As this is their second fan-film to date, expect many more productions to come from the team at FXhome, and with even more impressive effects and creative ideas.