The Bark Side | Volkswagen

Last year Volkwagen stormed the Superbowl ad break with their superb Star Wars parody The Force, which then proceeded to become the most watched video of 2011. This year, Volkswagen are looking to build upon that success and deliver something even more astounding, and to that end, they’ve launched a teaser trailer upon the unsuspecting internets. What we can infer from the teaser is that it will continue with the Star Wars theme, and secondly, there’ll be dogs. That’s about it.

It’ll be interesting to see if Volkswagen can topple their own effort last year, and whether this will become a new tradition (and expectation) in a similar vein to the T-Mobile online video efforts.

If you have any predictions on the new video, share them below. Then if you’re right, you get a cookie. (P&P not included)