Volkswagen | The Dog Strikes Back

After much anticipation, Volkswagen have finally released The Dog Strikes Back, their Superbowl game day commercial and follow-up to The Force, 2011′s most viewed video. The hype for the latest production was cleverly fuelled by the recent teaser The Bark Side, that promised us two things, dogs and Star Wars.

Well, that’s what we got, albeit in a strangely unoriginal, and horribly disjointed commercial. My opinion only of course, but does anyone else feel like we’re watching two different commercials here? Admittedly, the Dog narrative is quite enjoyable, and has the cute factor that will give it some viral traction within the online community, however, the odd divergence in to the Star Wars universe seems clunky and totally irrelevant. I won’t go in to too much detail on this front, as it’s all explained in my previous post The Dark Side of the Dark Side  but it appears to be another example of dragging in the cult status of Star Wars, without any originality in the reproduction. Personally, it’s a bit of an anti-climax and so far the YouTube reactions are mixed.